Car transport Service

mapFor those wishing there is a transport service from the airport/port of CORFU to our apartments located in Vitalades and back.

The total cost (roundtrip) is only €70.

Vitalades is about 36 km from Corfu

Alternatively you can take the Taxi but the total cost (roundtrip) is €100

Our transportation service can be done either in the van or by car, depending on the number of suitcases and the number of people.

Transportation service

Car and Scooter rental service

In Corfu there are public transport but our advice is to visit the island by renting a vehicle of its own. You can rent cars, motorcycles, scooters, quads, jeeps and bicycles.

The ideal way to get around Corfu is to have your own car available. The only difficulties you could find in the months of July-August when the tourist crowd is going to add to the inhabitants of the island; In these periods a bit of confusion and difficulty in parking lots are always to be put in quotation.

In 1 hour of travel to the maximum, however, from the center of Corfu you can reach any location you want

For all the information you can ask directly to the structure.

scooter rental

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